You Can Participate

We feel we have been guided to this blessed opportunity to share many stories of our lineage of Kriya Yoga teachers from India, and to assist others to learn more about who these individuals were, how they lived, and the support they had in becoming spiritual masters.

All of the funding for travel, cameras, computers, software for editing, and living expenses while we work on the movie have come out of our own pocket. In order to do justice to this project and the Kriya Yoga masters, we will be continuing our efforts for several more months.
We know this is sacred service and that our documentary will inform and deeply inspire a broad audience of spiritually-minded folks.

You can participate in our project and assist us in making this dream a reality by sharing your consciousness-energy in the form of a financial contribution. Your donation will show on your credit card as Devasya Design Incorporated - our production company.

In addition you can help by telling your spiritual friends about this project, by encouraging them to sign up for our eNewsletter and to visit our Facebook page.